Computer Science for GCSE & IGCSE

Computer Science for age group 14+ GCSE and IGCSE Students

If you want to study Computer Science at University, then this is a good GCSE level course to take. Our GCSE level Computer Science is engaging and practical, encouraging creativity and problem solving. Our Computer Science course will cover the curriculumn accross the following board: 

The Course

The course is a mixture of both theory and practical program. Topics covered include problem solving, data, communication, programming, computers and the Internet and the bigger picture. The course consists of developing a computer programs using a high-level language in this case Python that are marked and assessed internally. No previous experience of computer programming is required and the course is suitable for all students pursuing career in computing.

At Tech Studio, we help students to develop the computational skills they need for an exciting digital future beyond the classroom. Below are some of the topics summarised in short.

  • Common algorithms
  • Programming constructs
  • Data  types & Data
  • Programming techniques
  • Advanced programming
  • Types of programming language
  • Fundamentals of data representation
  • Working with Databases

FAQ's and  Overview

Booking your place

Age group: 13+ , GCSE and IGCSE level students
Duration: 4 terms course, weekly session of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
* Course is for 1 year divided in to 4 terms.
Fee: £150 per term (12 Weeks)
*minimum of 1 term enrolment is required

For any futher details please get in touch with us

Please note: It is your responsibility to pay for the exam and find an exam centre. We will assist as much as possible in finding a centre.