Robotics Workshop for age 9 -14 years

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An ideal workshop for 9+ age students to build Robots, requires no previous technology experience. 

Students learn to build robots from scratch with raw materials and not with predefined kits. They will use controlling sensors, motor drivers, circuit boards, bread board, DC motors, LED lights and many such elements for different challenging projects which are full excitement and learning.

  • Build Robots and test them
  • Build and Code Robot - that follows infra red sensors
  • Create and Control Robot - that is controlled by physical gestures
  • Mobile Robot - that is controlled via phone

By building these projects, students will practically learn about robot locomotion, vision guided systems, working of DC motors & IR sensors, actuation of robots with Scratch Adv and Arduino Programming.

Enrol for Robotics Workshop - age 10 -14 years

Duration: 4 weeks workshop
Time: 10 am to 12 noon, 2 hours per session
Fee: £140

Coming soon in October! for advance booking please get in touch.