Robotics Workshops for age 7 -10 years

All our courses and robotics workshops will be commencing onsite from 7th June 2021. Booking OPEN!

Inspiring Technical Creativity

Robotics with Scratch coding: We extend children's knowledge from screen to real-world. Here we build and code interactive controllers in real world by using everyday objects.

Connect the world around you to your computer!

Exciting workshops based on various projects. Students will use motor drivers, circuit boards, bread board, DC motors, LED lights and many such elements for different challenging projects which are full of fun and learning.

It is important to promote computational thinking amongst young children as this will enable them to solve complex problems in innovative ways. 

Enrol for Robotics Junior for age 7 - 10 years

Age group: 7 - 10 years
Duration: 4 weeks workshops
Time: 2pm to 4pm, 2 hours per session
Fee: £120