Tech Junior with Technology Workshop for age 7 to 9 years

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" Learn to code with simplicity, code logical programs, create 2D & 3D games with animation and sound"

Children will create simple to advance programs with Scratch and Kodu while developing a range of codes and problem-solving skills.

Course includes following modules

  • Coding - Learn to code with simplicity and confidence
  • Adv. Coding  - Level 2
  • Stop-motion Animation - Learn basic animation techniques, create characters, story board & movie
  •  Video editing with sound and special effects
  •  2D Animation
  • Real Life Film Making
  • Computer basics - Know about window system, files, folders, navigation
  • Typing - Improve keyboard skill with fun and engaging exercises
  • Interactive Presentation - Create dynamic interactive presentation includes (animation / images and videos)


Age group: 7 - 9 years
Duration: 12 Weeks
Session: 1 hour session per week 
Fee: £145 (12 weeks - SeptemberTerm)

***Special Discount £20 OFF for September Term***