Ridgefield Primary School - After School Tech Club

Tech Club Details

Starting Monday 15th September
Time: 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm (1 hour session after school)
Location: Ridgefield Primary School
Duration: 12 weeks
Fee: £6 per session 
* Minimum of 12 weeks enrolment required
* There will be 1 robotics session during each term.

Dear Parents,

Join us for Computer Courses & Robotics Workshop 
Adventure with excitement and learning!

What is in the Tech Club?

  • Fun with 2D coding
  • Create games with 3D Coding
  • Robotics Workshop
  • Stopmotion Animation
  • 3D Animation

Benefits of Tech Club

  • One course with diverse subjects. 
  • Learn to think creatively and work collaboratively 
  • Engaging with various hands-on projects
  • Develop problem solving skills, programming & design skills
  • An opportunity to explore a potential career path

If you do require any further information please contact us at info@tech-studio.co.uk.
* Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.